Friday, August 31, 2012

Steal Like An Artist: Creativity For All

 Creativity is like a salmon.

The harder you try to grasp the slimy thing, the more it slips away, until the elusive beast finally escapes from your clutches all together and slaps you in the face as it leaps away, leaving you with nothing but a headache. 
     Yeah, almost all of us has had to deal with it at least once in our lives. It's the nemesis of all creative work. Whether it's staring at a blinking cursor on a blank screen for hours or hovering a paint brush over a canvas all day, creativity block, in a word, sucks. But they're may be an answer yet for block victims everywhere; and it's sitting right there at your local bookstore. Steal Like An Artist, written by writer and artist Austin Kleon, explores the roots of creativity. And not only that, this book just helps you to be more creative in general, and makes a point to say that anyone can be creative. Anyone. Whether your the next Van Gogh or if you think you don't have a single creative bone in your body, you can create. That's a powerful thing. I can personally say that after reading this book, my writing has indeed improved and the way I go about writing has changed immensely. And worry not, you don't have to work your butt off to catch creativity. You simply have to follow a series of ten simple steps, or as I like to call them, the Ten Commandments of Becoming More Creative.

     Confused? Fear not, friends. The book explains each step in loving detail. Did I forget to mention that this book is full of wonderfully drawn (not to mention dead useful) illustrations as well? That's always a plus. This book is always sitting on my desk, ready for whenever my muse is feeling drained. Buy yourself a copy. Go forth and create. You won't regret it.

Book Trailer: 

P.S. I feel like my post turned into an advertisement, but hey, this book really is useful. I can't help showing it off to the world :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Have Returned!!

Well it has been a long hiatus my friends; too long. We can just pretend that I was gone for two weeks instead of two months (I apologize profusely for that). Anywho, this is just a quick notice to let you all know that I'm back and ready for some awesome blogging action! My posts will be back on schedule, so it's safe to say I'll have a new post up next Friday. Get ready, Sara; we have some major blogging to do ;)